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India China War 2020: Ground Report

What Is Actually Happening

India china war, this topic is confusing everyone these days so we analysed it and prepared information for you, we are tracking the face-off between Indian and Chinese troops at the Nakula area near Sikkim and also the Gulman valley region in Ladakh. Remember there has been a tense standoff between Indian and Chinese forces in these two areas between the 5th and the 9th of May we are hearing of troop deployment as well. We believe that the two sides also came to blows with each other and there are set protocols for easing tensions and those protocols are being used right now.

How Serious The Situation Is?

Yes, so we're going to give you an exclusive report covered on this story, now these tensions show no signs of abating anytime, soon both sides have reinforced troop deployment in a few more sectors along the unresolved border in eastern Ladakh amid heightened tensions. The Chinese have built bunkers pitch tents and dug trenches in the area tensions escalated on the main night when 250 Indian and Chinese troops engaged in a violent face-off in Bangkok so more than 70 Indian soldiers were badly injured in the clash as well as tracking the Defense Ministry forum sure there have been several transgressions.
Transgressions have seen a big rise but these don't look it like ordinary transgressions, how do you compare this to what we saw in the 2017 year certainly and absolutely like that this is you cannot compare what is happening right now at the LSE especially in eastern Ladakh to what happened in doe, or what has happened previously. 

What Statistics Said

If you just look at the statistics over the last many years there are some 500 transgressions that happen along with the LSE because of what the Indian Army and the Indian security establishment, an establishment called a difference in perception but this time what we are seeing is certainly very different and this is what experts are pointing it out to us.
First, they say look at the geographical spread, a spread of all the skirmishes that are taking place this is not localized this is not in one area unlike Dhokla this is spread all along with eastern Ladakh, at least in 3 spots and Nakula in second as well, so you know if it is not localized it obviously means it has been planned. This skirmish has been planned at a higher level, not at the local level that is the one big difference that is being pointed out
The second-bit big difference is, usually their mechanisms to solve issues like this in this case we are being told that there have been five rounds of meetings between the local commanders and yet the standoff as we know it right now continues China has refused to back off totally and very importantly you know the fact also is that we are being told that China right now doesn't even want to communicate with India on the issue while there are diplomatic channels that are always on back channels that are always on even between the two armies there's a hotline that is always on in this case.
It seems China is not willing to relent which is why we see that it's kind of still continues and it doesn't look like it's abating anytime soon as we look at the satellite imagery that is coming to us then we came to know the situation is getting difficult continuously as all the reports that we are getting from the ground. A lot of it is speculation because there is no reporter on the ground. The Indian Army is not speaking on it and the Indian establishment is not speaking on it.

What The Satellite Has Predicted

The only time they're stepping out to comment on anything is when they need to issue a denial so there are no official reports coming in. So I'm citing satellite imagery to say that you know there is the Chinese have dug in bunkers and these are looking like semi-permanent structures there are warehouses that have been built as well trenches that have been dug as well. There are heavy vehicles that have been spotted in the area, there are helicopters that have been spotted near the LSE as well these are China's helicopters they were crossed into Indian airspace but they have been spotted.


So, tension right now is very high. It seems China's army is ready for a war with its full power but the Indian establishment not willing to say much at this point of time
All right an unprecedented situation we have seen a 68 to 70 per cent rise in transgressions but this is no ordinary transgression we are seeing the Chinese side pitch tents and bring in heavy vehicles in the area as well. Let's say we didn't see what happens over the next few hours and days to come.
Well, we can only hope this situation will be getting fine very soon since it will be very tough time to have a war in this coronavirus pandemic, we are not even in stable condition and we could face a war, this may become a dangerous thing. Well with this we are going to wind up this report and will be back very soon with some another detail to provide you with the update. Until then stay tuned.


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