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Best startups in India That you should know In 2020

Here are the best startups list in India at 2020 that everyone should know.

Best startups in india 2020

Due to high demands, here I come up with the brand new list of “Top or best [Location] Startups to know in 2020”. This time I will be focusing on Indian Startups.

Environment of Startup In India

See as similar to  the 2017 and 2018 for China, 2019 was a year of huge growth for the world of startups in India. During 2019, 7 new unicorns emerged, bringing the country's total to 24 (which is the 3rd highest in the world after China and the United States). This is really a massive increase from that the country had in 2013.

Here I am going to list some of the 2019 startups related news (Indian startup)

  • July 2019: $100MM raised by the leading B2B payments facilitator Pine Labs.
  • August 2019: Cred raised around $120 million.

  • October 2019: Udaan raised $585 million from Altimeter Capital.
  • December 2019: Accel closed a $550MM round for its 6th venture fund in India.

Now Let's see the Best startups In india in 2020

1. BigBasket it is an online food and grocery store. You can browse their varied range of products at, order them and have them delivered to your own time slot. It provides a lot of facilities offers and many more you can check them out by visiting their website.

You can view their Twitter, LinkedIn profiles to get to know some more about them in detail. Some of the required detail is provided below-

Founders: Hari Menon, VS Sudhakar, VS Ramesh
Person: Hari Menon
Geographic scope: India

2. Shuttl

Bus Service application for daily visitors or passengers

Founded after a series of negative events on the Indian bus system, Shuttl integrated safety features from the start, including live emergency assistance, route monitoring, etc. In addition, Shuttl buses are newer, still have air conditioning and include reserved seats.

   Offices In: Haryana

   Total Funding: $111.3 MM

    Founded: 2015

3.  Udaan

B2B Commerce for Indian SMEs

Udaan offers products from 10,000,000 sellers, including all the major brands, and it's easier than ever to stock your small business shelves with the products customers want to buy in India. In addition to the variety of products, Udaan offers convenient delivery, simple returns, working capital credit and easy payment options.

Udaan has evolved extremely rapidly over the past 3 years in India and investors have noticed this, funding the company with almost $ 1 billion during this period. There are more than 50MM of SMEs in India and the market opportunities to serve them are absolutely huge.

    Offices In: Bangalore, Karnataka

    Total Funding: $869.9MM 

    Founded: 2016

4.  Acko

On-Demand Car and Bike Insurance

Auto insurance in India is a huge market and a huge opportunity for disruption. Auto sales are growing rapidly year over year and the need for a practical, technology-driven solution is great. Enter Acko, a simple platform for car and motorcycle insurance.

The company already has 45 million Indians for its insurance needs, which is incredibly impressive for a company that has existed for less than 3 years.

    Offices In: Bangalore

    Total Funding: $143 MM 

    Founded: 2017

5.  1 mg

Indian Online Pharmacy

However, after landing heavily with this part of their business model, they quickly expanded to offer laboratory tests and doctor-on-demand services, seeing the same opportunities that mFine and Doctor Insta are attacking in the country.

    Offices In: Gurgaon

    Total Funding: $163.4 MM 

    Founded: 2015

6.  mFine

Doctor On Demand + AI

In just 2 years, mFine has already treated more than 300,000 patients! For the same reasons, I included Doctor Insta last year in my list of 2019 startups to watch, I included mFine in my 2020 list.

The Healthcare + Tech opportunity in India is simply too great to ignore. In addition to virtual appointments, mFine also offers home health test packages for many different conditions.

    Offices In: Bangalore

    Total Funding: $27.4 MM 

    Founded: 2017

7.  StashFin

Instant personal loan with minimum documentation

StashFin offers personal loans in as little as 4 hours with minimal forms and relatively flexible payment options.

In addition, they offer a "credit card" where customers can dynamically define the size of the line of credit they need for the length of time they need. Customers pay 0% interest on credit they don't use.

    Offices In: Delhi

    Total Funding: $35 MM 

    Founded: 2016

What Indian Startups Did I Miss?

As I have mentioned giant startups which grow very fast but I’m pretty sure I have missed quite a few prolific, fastest growing, still small-ish  Indian startups. Let me know in the comment box what else you wants to know and also if anyone wants to know about any specific startup in India or worldwide, I'll try to cover up your quieries.


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